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Fees & Services

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I will sample edit a few pages of a manuscript (often around ten pages) and then return them with my suggestions (free of charge) for prospective clients. By doing this, I can specify an exact price, and it also gives you a chance to see how I work. This helps both of us decide if we’d be a good match. In most cases, copyediting fees range from $2.00 (clean) to $3.00 (requires a lot of edits) for double-spaced pages (12-point font).

My editing style is intensive. Among other things, I fact-check, mark misspellings, cut unneeded words, correct punctuation, and fix grammar errors. I mark awkward phrasing, weak sentence structures, passive voice, discontinuity issues, and repetitive words and statements. I do all this while maintaining the author’s voice, tone, and sense of style. Copyediting consists of two rounds—a round of heavy edits followed by a final round of proofreading.

If you have questions about my style of copyediting, please contact me for more details regarding the process. Note: I do not provide developmental editing. Please see the developmental editing section below for more information on that.

Prewash for traditional publishing
If you’re an author planning to send your book to a traditional publishing house or an agent and would like a “prewash” done of your manuscript before sending it in, I have experience doing that. This service is basically a cleanup to help you put your best foot forward without changing the structure or direction of your novel.

Sometimes writers need a professional to point out inconsistencies or things that don’t mesh. With so many story details, ideas, character dialogues, and descriptions floating around in authors’ heads, this is understandable. That’s a lot to keep track of on your own. The prewash process I provide most often includes marking general plot and character issues I find in the novel during a single round of copyediting. However, no two authors are the same. I’m more than happy to chat about what steps might work best for you if you have something specific you’re needing. The cost varies, but a single round of intense copyedits (which is the most requested type of prewash) runs around 70 percent of a regular copyediting job. However, since this process is different for everyone, please contact me for a better idea on rates.

Proofreading consists of one round. If you would like me to check for typos and missing words in a manuscript that has been edited elsewhere, my standard rate is $1.50 per double-spaced page. However, if your manuscript is in excellent condition, I am open to negotiating a lower rate prior to booking. Please contact me to chat about it. If you’ve hired me for copyediting, proofreading is already included in the price of that service.

Last Call
Have you had your book developmentally edited, copyedited, proofread, and formatted? The Last Call service is for authors, usually who’ve had their books edited elsewhere, wanting a last line of defense against errors. This service is not meant to take the place of proofreading. Last Call gives authors the peace of mind they need by having a professional editor look at their finished and formatted products.

During the Last Call process I read the Kindle file and mark errors, such as quotation marks facing the wrong way, misspellings, missing punctuation, formatting issues, and other small things. I’ll compile a list of the errors and then send that list to you.

Last Call rates are a base price plus the amount of errors found. The rate per 1,000 words is $1.50. A dollar per error will be added to the total. Example: a 56,000-word book with eleven errors would be $84 plus $11 and PayPal fees. I will ask for a number of errors you’re wanting to stay under prior to beginning the process. If I reach that number, I’ll contact you to discuss options. For example, if your max is twenty errors and I reach nineteen a third of the way through, I’ll email you and we’ll chat. If I don’t think your book is quite ready for the Last Call service after I begin working or I find major issues or errors, I’ll email you. Please contact me if you have questions about this service. Spots are limited.

Developmental editing
Although I point out minor plot or character inconsistencies and look at the big picture in my style of copyediting, I do not provide line-by-line developmental (content) editing, writing coaching, or critiquing. I believe developmental editing and copyediting should be executed by separate editors. If you’re in need of a developmental editor, feel free to contact me for a referral.

For my 2017 editing schedule, please see the Availability page.

Promotional items
I edit book summaries, blurbs, and promotional items for clients at no additional cost.

A single round of edits usually takes around 10 business days, depending on manuscript length and amount of work needed.

A $100 nonrefundable deposit upon scheduled date agreement is required. This saves your spot. That deposit will go toward the balance once I receive the manuscript. Upon receiving the manuscript, I will send you an invoice for half of the remaining total. At the end of the process, I request the last half of the total after I return the final document to you. I send invoices through PayPal. PayPal’s service fees will be added to the totals on the invoices.

How it works
I track changes in Microsoft Word, which gives you a chance to view the edits I’m suggesting. I also make comments and ask questions throughout the document. I use the Chicago Manual of Style, Merriam-Webster, and New Oxford American Dictionary. Note: I work on finished manuscripts—not partials, sections, or unfinished ones.

Email: HollieTheEditor@gmail.com